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Abee CHM Maker by abeetech.com is tool for making easy chm files
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Abee CHM Maker by abeetech.com is tool for making easy chm files. In short chm file are generally used for online help files and they are collection of many html pages put on 1 file. Usage of chm file reduce overhead of maintaining multiple html file and it increases performance too. CHM file comes with easy navigation and search functionalities. Abee CHM Maker has been designed for easily creating the chm file with just some easy to use options means user interface of the program is very simple.

Along with traditional chm file creation it also supports some unique feature like key phrases detection. It holds a powerful advance engine for key phrases detection which provides facility of customized search. The tune finder allows searching keywords in bold, italic, underlined text, in headers and tables headers, in <<0>>-tags and can be customized also. You can also select the position where the CHM-window will appear when the user opens the file. You can add navigation buttons to file according to your needs. Most important feature this tool provides is source and destination can be on different folders, it means the chm files need to be stored on same folder where the source html files have been placed.

Manoj Goel
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  • Powerful keyword search facility
  • Source files and destination file does not required to be on same folder
  • Easy to use interface with minimal operation
  • Requires less memory


  • Currently it does not support other web tools like Ajax and JavaScript
  • Being a shareware, remainder window always welcomes you
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